Experience, Know-How and Quality


Impreglon, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier which guarantees optimal, reproducible quality.   The Impreglon partners in all ten countries continuously share information and new technology with one another, offering the customer an advantage in international know-how in the design of surfaces. 

We routinely meet exacting industrial standards including:

-•• • Coatings that meet Class 3 bio-compatibility requirements which include contact with bone, tissue or blood (non-implant use).  They will withstand ethylene oxide, radiation and autoclave sterilization.

-•• • Simulated gold finishes for Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation.  Our coatings applied directly onto chromed substrates meet the stringent environmental requirements of GM6430M, including corrosion, adhesion, chip resistance and weathering.


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... or write us: info@impreglonpvd.us
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